I want to choose the method that will help me to be the healthiest

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I have never wanted to have to deal with diabetes and the pump has been such a physical symbol of that. The pancreas that I wear on the outside, my battery pack, robot parts, that are so easily visible to others and is often mistaken for an iPod shuffle or phone. When you don’t want to live with a disease, it is so much harder to combat these comments from others that serve as a reminder that you are not normal. I think this will be an ongoing battle in my mind & maybe some of us can relate.


Type 1 diabetes is a condition that is quite often misjudged, and I want to try my best to make sure that everybody can get educated on it

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Because our bodies can’t produce insulin anymore we need to use artificial insulins to make sure that we are staying healthy. These insulins can be manually injected or put into insulin pumps. These materials are not easily accessible to most so If you’re able to afford any of these you are extremely lucky.


I was so thirsty, like I had been lost in the desert for days

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I started eating tons of popsicles. So many. It hurt to eat normal food. It didn’t even feel great drinking water. I subsisted on sugary ice for several days until finally, on November 13, I realized how weak I was. I scooted over to the stairs and told my aunt I thought I probably needed to go see someone soon. She encouraged me to get it done quickly, and she actually drove me to an Urgent Care the next morning. It was connected to a nearby hospital.